May 12

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Teacher Appreciation Week- Top 10 Reasons We Love Our Teachers

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week and we wanted to celebrate our Cloverleaf teachers with a Top 10 List of why they rock! We counted them down on Facebook throughout the week and now are posting them collectively here for all to see. :)

Top 10 Reasons We Love Our Cloverleaf Teachers

10. Our teachers know how to do the coolest crafts!






9. Our teachers lighting the fire of our children’s curiosity.








8. Our teachers can help you ask questions about your world, and then can help you answer them.




7. Our teachers love bugs!






6. Our teachers make us laugh!



5. Our teachers see our hopes and dreams, and believe in them.




4. Our teachers love animals, especially Ari and Deezer! And we love them, too!



 3. Our teachers love to learn just as much as their students do.


2. Our teachers make the tough stuff FUN.


And the #1 reason we love our teachers…


1. Who else would we trust to shape the futures of our children?

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