May 12

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Teacher Appreciation Week: YouTube Math SuperStars!

One of my favorite ways to introduce a new math concept is to share a silly youtube video to get the kids psyched for an otherwise potentially dull concept.  Adding technology and humor lightens up my math classroom and gets the kids engaged.  That said, I want to acknowledge the YouTube Superstar teachers who have made my life easier and my classroom livelier with their AWESOME raps, parodies, and hilarity!


Thank you, YouTube teacher video makers!


At the risk of revealing my own nerdiness, here is a collection of some of my favorite math-teacher-created gems:


We recently used this one for a 5th grade order of operations lesson:


For all you high school math teachers out there, this is a must-see:


Middle school teachers, enjoy:


Long division with decimals, anyone?


2nd-3rd grade geometry rap:


Do the Fraction Shuffle:


And for those tricky exponents:


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, everyone!



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