Jul 09

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“The D Word”- Documentary

I stumbled across an article featuring a fantastic documentary that came out within the last year. ‘The D Word” created by James Redford, played at the well known Sundance Film Festival and has captured many people’s attention.   Much of the documentary focuses on a dyslexic teen, who tells about his reading and writing struggles in school and the barriers he had to overcome.

“The D Word “reveals that dyslexia is a neurological issue, not a character flaw. It explains that the struggle with reading and writing  is not an indication of one’s ability to think, to create, or to solve problems – all valuable skills in the world outside the classroom.

The film also shares some of the more practical – and occasionally humorous – tips on how to deal with dyslexia on a daily basis. Awesome! At Cloverleaf, we are always looking for great tips!

Here are a few heartfelt words from the filmmaker, James Redford, a father of a child with dyslexia. He describes his child as a “big picture thinker,” creative, and intelligent.

“It was not easy to cast my wife and son in this movie. We are typically private people, and those who know us will be greatly surprised to see this film. However, the opportunity to help other families in turmoil was important to all of us, particularly my wife, Kyle, who is a life-long educator and now an expert regarding dyslexics and education. And we were not alone in this; three other families took a risk to share their experiences in order to help others, as did some of the world’s better-known leaders in the fields of Law, Politics, and Business. By combining our experiences with the wisdom, creativity and expertise of Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz, top experts in the study and treatment of dyslexia, we hope that a broader and better understanding of dyslexia will help make the world a better place for one in seven people worldwide”.   – James Redford

Here is a link to the trailer.  It’s a must see!  I am so excited to see this documentary in the fall on HBO.  The DVD is scheduled to come out sometime in 2013.

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