Dec 29

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The Secrets of Our School

Last year, our 4th & 5th graders embarked on a unique writing project called “the secrets of our school.”  Here’s  a glimpse of what makes our school special from a kid’s perspective:

1. Our building is in an old church.
2. We are next to the graveyard.
3. We go on field trips everywhere.
4. We have fidgets and play with them.
5. Art is in a lunch room with a coffee machine.
6. We have recess downstairs and outside.
7. I  sit on a bouncy ball all day.
8. We go to ninja school during sports class.
9. We go hiking.
10. We play math games on the iPads.
11. In Buddy Time we make ice cream and rockets and I touched the fake lava.
12. We go to museums and far away places.
13. One time I brought my DS to school to share.
14. I brought all my legos for show and tell on the hundredth day of school.
15. When the kids are gone after school, the teachers still stay and work.
16. In between Ms. Jessie’s room and the men’s bathroom is a locked door that no one has been through.
17. We play Star Wars in afterschool.
18. We launched rockets one time and the third rocket didn’t work at all.
19. We made our own boats and had a boat race down the creek at Mason Mill Park.

20. The best thing about our school is we do fun stuff.
21. The best thing about our school is that you can move during class.




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