Nov 16

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The Value in Volunteering

renee-volunteer-blog-picVolunteering, whether it’s in a local event or on an international scale, takes time and energy and can be hard work. However, it may also be one of life’s greatest lessons. Volunteering can teach children values such as empathy, responsibility, citizenship and caring, just to name a few. It can be difficult to raise selfless children in a world that is often materialistic and self indulgent. It takes sacrifices to volunteer, and it may help our children understand and appreciate their own circumstances.
Volunteering can help create a mindset of change. Children will begin to realize ways in which they can “Be the change they wish to see in the world” (–Mahatma Gandhi) rather than passive complainers. During the adolescent phase, shifting the focus from self to others can be extremely impactful and positive for social development.
Volunteer work may even turn out to be a bonding experience that families can share together. The time spent helping others can strengthen the bonds among those helping. It’s an awesome way to lead by example.
Finally, children are powerful and magical. Their presence alone can brighten spirits and spread joy. Their impact is amazing and their potential limitless. Help them share their amazing talents and watch the results.
If you would like help getting started, try visiting www.pebbletossers.com for some free service projects for kids.

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