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To Spring Break and Beyond: A Quick Reference Guide to Successful Home Strategies


Ahh…. Home sweet home!


That is, if the kids aren’t jumping all over the place and breaking stuff! As the father of two, I am aware of the excitement and anxiety that comes along with spring break (fever).   With our year round balanced calendar  we have two fun-filled energy packed weeks to plan and play with our curious, energetic and creative children. It is only natural to have mixed feelings about the long break and worry about the problems that could arise from too much time off.  Fear not my friends, I, Super Jason, am here to unveil some simple home strategies for a successful break.

To Spring Break and Beyond: A Quick Guide to Successful Home Strategies

Rules: “control the chaos”!
– put them on display
– keep them simple and positive (focus on the
   “to do’s”)
– expectations should be clear and easy to achieve
– clarify foreseeable outcomes

Goals: constantly working on improving
– cause and effect
– time management
– sequencing (expanding)
– problem-solving (use manipulatives and role play)

Visual Cues: humans rely on their eyes for 90% of our sensory input
– checklist at the “point of performance” (i.e. one by the door to remember a jacket and hat)
– use a time timer
– checklist for tasks; create consistency and a routine (i.e. cleaning room or brushing teeth)
– graphic organizers; work on sequencing (i.e. bubble graphs, star charts for rewards)
– sticky notes reminders


Language: be consistent
   – 1 step directions
          – very clear expectations
          – very specific
          – break it down (pick up your toys, put dirty cloths in hamper, and make your bed as apposed to
               just “go clean your room”)
   – Choices (how to do something)
          – clean room walking backwards
          – clean room with a flashlight only
          – “would you like to do this task first or the other one first?”
   – PRAISE: recognize good behavior constantly!!!
          – immediate
          – be specific
   – Positive affirmation
          – “what I want you to do” (as opposed to “don’t do that”)
          – yes commands (“please close the door gently”)
   – Giving inanimate objects a life
          – “the car is leaving us!”
          – “the clock says thirty minutes is up!”

Emotional Awareness: Breathe, and know that you are loved
– stay cool, calm, and collected
– give space and time to chill out
– its okay for adults to take a breath too
– be empathetic
          – “I used to get really mad at my sister too”
          – “I feel bad when I do the wrong thing too”
– take slow even breaths together for one minute (avoid deep breaths which raise your heart rate)


Behavior Interventions
– prioritize goals (focus on what needs to be worked on most)
– attainable goals (simple goals that are specific)
– give THREE positive statements for every negative criticism (3:1 ratio)
– visual charts (use pictures of your kids over using generic clip art)
– cause and effect (point out the positive as well)
– rewards (discover new interest)
          – earn rewards over losing privileges
          – we get rewards (i.e. $ for a job well done at work), why shouldn’t they!

Have fun and enjoy this time with your young ones, they don’t stay young forever!  Have a great spring break see everyone soon!

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