Dec 30

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Top 10 of 2012: Our Top Ten most viewed blog posts of the year!


The year since we started The Cloverleaf School has been exciting and amazing.  From the outset, part of our mission was to share our passion for educating kids who might not quite be a “fit” in more traditional educational settings, be they public, private, or special needs.  We have loved sharing our kids’ experiences and our adventures with them here in our blog, and it seems like other folks have been enjoying it, too!  We have gotten thousands of page views of some of our blog entries!  Here are some of the most popular ones.

We hope you get a kick out of them, and get some additional tools for YOUR toolkit!


1.   What’s in a Name?  Boy, people sure are curious about how we came up with the name “The Cloverleaf School!”


2.   Tuesday Tips: Top 10 Social Skills for Success, Pt. 1  Two of our Core Values are Confidence and Capability.  Even in elementary school, we can work to prepare our students for the realities of adulthood,


3.  If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it doesn’t CHANGE you.  What enables some teachers and schools to propel students forward?  We believe you can’t build academic success without the alternating frustration and elation of tackling new skills.


Cloverleaf School First Week! With Ms. Emily

4.  Tuesday Teachers’ Corner: 1st week of school photos!  Building teamwork towers, conquering calendar math challenges, slapping sounds in phonics, welcoming our new School Therapy Dog (in training!)…. What a week!


5.  Tuesday Tips to Take Home: Orton-Gillingham in your home! –The Orton-Gillingham approach is one of the many tools we use in teaching language arts.  These 10 multi-sensory activities for reading, writing, and spelling practice will increase phonemic awareness and reinforce learned phonics concepts.  All while having fun!


6.  The “I Don’t Know” Zone: Student-directed and Inquiry-based Learning –What does inquiry-based learning look like?  Here you go–and with video, no less!


7.   Bouncing Off the Walls! (and it’s great!) –Recognizing and meeting our students’ sensory needs is one of the most important things we can do to ensure their ability to stay on task and absorb instruction.  We designed our school and our classrooms to help us do just that!

Cloverleaf Sensory Space–Rockin’ the Stair Wall!


8.  Learning About the Brain –As part of our goal of helping our students better understand the way they learn and how their own individual brains work, we brought in a Ph.D. student from Georgia State University Neuroscience Institute to visit our students and provide hands-on experience with the human brain!


9.  Teacher Appreciation Week- Top 10 Reasons We Love Our Teachers –You can’t have a school without teachers!   So, we wanted to let our fantastic teachers know some of the many things that we love bout


10. Wild about…..Reptiles and Animals Native to Georgia!  –Multisensory learning to the max!  We spent this week of Camp Cloverleaf working on reptile animal science concepts, and using those as a springboard to explore our community and practice social skills in a real life setting.

Camp Cloverleaf goes Wild About Reptiles!         Multisensory Learning to the Max!








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