Aug 02

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Websites for Educational FUN

While tutoring this summer, I found out about some really awesome educational websites that you may not know about.  Everyone knows about Starfall, but have you heard about these educational websites? Here is a list to keep around or to plug into your favorites.


1. ABCya.com

Here’s a wonderful site! This site is great because it’s split up into grades K-5 so there’s no guess work there!  Some site highlights include Pirate Marble (K), Foul Shot (1-5), Pop the Words (3), Division Drag Race (4), and US Map (5).

2. Sheppardsoftware.com

 This site has lots of learning games for kids of ALL ages.  It’s very tutorial centered which is good for learning a new concept. Check out  the Kids Corner which you can explore lots of science centered ideas, such as the Four Seasons or Animal Classification.  Some of the most popular games are Mouse Trap, US States Level 1, and The Food Chain Game!


3. Highlights.com

Highlights is a classic magazine that has been around for years. I remember sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office playing hidden picture with my mother.  Fond memories :) On their site, they have stories that you can have read to you, which is a great stress-free feature and fun for kids who have trouble reading.


4. cookie.com

I like this site, but I do not like the robotic voice that narrates the games.  If you can get past the sound of a robot voice, this site has a lot to offer. They have hundreds of games, learning videos and review games to play afterwards.


5. nationalgeographic.com/kids

This site has a bunch of games that are all science related.  Some of them require an e-mail address and some personal info about your child, just FYI. My favorite are the geography games. Geography often gets so overlooked in schools today.  They also have science experiments  and interactive information about countries and animals. All in all this site has tons of educational value!

A few others to check out are: coolmath.com,   kidsknowit.com,  and funschool.com.

What are you waiting for? Check them out already!!




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