Jan 18

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What it means to grow

In the process of building this singular school, I have moments of irrational impatience, of wanting to see this thing grow and expand, to see more students, more rooms, more everything.  I suppose it’s a human reaction, but still frustrating to me.

And then I have moments like I had last night when my father-in-law dropped my son off at our house.  He said, “Wow, Joy, I mean, he’s like a different kid.”  I asked him what he meant and he responded, “He’s so engaged!  We had a long conversation about something that happened last year!  These last two weeks have been remarkable with him.”  It hasn’t always been easy for my father-in-law to interact with Oscar, so hearing how much he had enjoyed talking with Oscar and how genuine their conversation had been was tremendously moving.

Then, after Oscar was in bed, I pulled out my laptop and saw a blog post from Ms. Jen with three of the Cloverleaf students at laptops doing math exercises on the computers.

I have to keep reminding myself that, whether it is a school or a child, building a strong foundation doesn’t happen overnight.  Much of the work we are doing now on infrastructure and organization will hopefully continue to pay off over decades, even if the fruits of the labor aren’t evident now.

Instead, when I look for tangible proof of how the Cloverleaf school is growing and educating kids with learning differences in a new and exciting way, all I need to do is look at the kids and celebrate their leaps forward day by day.


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