Jun 12

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Wild about…..Reptiles and Animals Native to Georgia!

Today we welcomed our first day of Camp Cloverleaf.

This week’s theme is Wild about Animals. Everyday during camp, we will go on a new and exciting field trip to apply academic concepts, explore our community, and practice social skills in a real life setting.

Old friends and new friends gathered, gave each other high fives,

warm smiles and screamed in excitement.

During Morning Meeting, each camper greeted each other, had a turn to share,

participated in a reptile movement activity and helped

to read our morning message.

Many spent some time getting comfortable, researching and reading more about reptiles.

One loved reading out-loud to their group.

Reptiles are “cold blooded”.

Their temperature is determined by their environment.

Each camper decorated their own writing notebook to document

their hard work and reflect on their camp experience.

We all made KWL charts to organize what we know and what we would like to learn.

Today we traveled to the Chattahoochee Nature Center

to learn more about reptiles and animals native to Georgia.

Alicia, our naturalist, was wonderful!

We got to touch a corn snake!

The kids heard and tried to identify bird sounds, felt a beaver pelt, used magnifying glasses,

looked for animal signs and went on a hunt for mushrooms (we found 39 :)  a new record! )

The kids really enjoyed exploring nature with their senses!

Stay tuned for more from Camp Cloverleaf! We have three fun filled week ahead of us!

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