Our Programs

Our Approach

With Quo Vadis? (Where are you going?) as our school motto, the Cloverleaf elementary program serves to prepare students in grades K-8th for their next destination by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that constantly balances challenge with support in academic, physical, and social-emotional arenas. Students engage in 90 minutes of daily Language Arts instruction as well as 60 minutes of daily Math instruction and practice. In addition to academics, students receive daily social skills instruction and participate weekly in inquiry-based, student-led collaborative projects. Teachers facilitate students in learning cycles for which they collectively create goals, set criteria, and receive feedback. Throughout this process, students self-reflect to monitor their own social and academic progress. Students are strategically grouped with a variety of students throughout the day, with no more than six students in an academic class. We carefully examine many aspects, such as age and current ability, to determine academic, social skills, and enrichment groupings. Groupings are also flexible to accommodate for student growth.



We do this by having kick offs with students to discuss each and how they see evidence in others and themselves. We have hands on activities in small groups to put into action the work of each. Lastly we create tags that allows faculty and staff as well as students the opportunity to “catch” each other as they exhibit these traits in their school work. Students feel more successful by not only supporting each other but truly understanding how that qualities exist within themselves.

At Cloverleaf we believe we support students in being Capable, Connected, Considerate and Creative.


For example, students may use scooter boards to travel to the correct vowel sound in language arts or jump to the corresponding picture when reviewing vocabulary in science class. We incorporate movement throughout the curriculum because it helps students regulate, strengthens attention, improves memory and retrieval, and it’s FUN!




Developing executive functioning and study skills are critical to success in middle school, high school and beyond. Students hone executive functioning skills by keeping an agenda, completing and returning homework, using their lockers effectively, planning and prioritizing when working on independent projects, managing time effectively, and setting goals then reflecting on their progress.



The Cloverleaf School offers an active after school program designed to match students interests with learning leading to an enriching activities that partner social, educational and fitness activities all with guidance from certified staff.  To learn more about our clubs program, please contact the school at 404-474-3904.  Currently clubs are only available for currently enrolled students.